Motherland Chronicles | Shanghai Tang

So this last Shanghai post completes the Motherland Chronicles: China series \(T∇T)/ 

Here to the last overwhelmingly long list of Chinese photos. I feel that Beijing very practically taught me about the country, the nationalist character of the capital city, the fierce battle of the everyday travel and the overwhelming commonality of the goal of success, of sweat and of tireless observation I have learnt no less than China's apetite for its own. Oh the struggle. 

Xi'an taught me the beauty of China's inner corners as I was taken through the panoramic scape of the city and under the billowing breezy shades of the encaving roads padded with tall green trees. Everything I saw was beautiful and impacted me in a way which has totally shaped and re-shaped my perspective, you know when you're in nature, you can't deny God, or of a greater being, when you're out of the city and away from the lights... from the grandeur of mountains and seas to the most intricate form of life, you think of creation in a new way, I loved it. Besides from the heat. Now I miss it but I was complaining everyday I was there.


And Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai. My favourite, I finally got to see the vibrancy of China's Fashion, the vitality of the Chinese Character and an almost westernised municipal. I don't know if that comes close to describing the place, but that's how I see it - I finally got to do normal stuff  like shop, eat in malls, explore the city by myself and go to exhibitions and taken around by my cousin (who recently moved there) My thesis was so much involved in this place, a large part posed was if this place had the capabilities to eventually be a fashion capital, and with where my discussions were heading, I don't think I was far off. Overall, love.

Day 1: Shanghai Tour and Nightlights / Day 2:  Suzhou trip / Day 3: Shanghai City, a little work time and exhibitions / Day 4: leaving day! ;(

Again I hope the Vlog can explain a little more.  

I miss and love you Shanghai.  

In God we trust,