OUTTAKES | The Candidly Sam Series

Photo post ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

So over the summer I have been trying my very best to sustain what little I could during all the amazing places we visited. I had this idea of shooting a candid so not high fashion sort of series in my mind from the beginning where my brother, Sam became my unwillful model. Which made it a little fun, some of the faces he pulled, they won't be featured on here...

Using a single flash on location requires a certain style to make anything look like anything, and there were daysss where it was just too hot to carry/ use any other accessory than my camera, so I did what I could: it's not portfolio content, but it's a lot of heart, so I wanted to share them on here with you


This is uncomfortable for me, if you know my work - I mean well, I'll tell you - I hate diagonal pictures, what are they?! Most of the time I feel they look overly 'cool' and all I see are sideways questionable frames, that says more about how the picture was taken rather than what the content is... and besides I'm just a straight liner. Generally speaking. But as above, single flash, street wise model (lol) I decided to go for an almost Jeurgen Teller aesthetic, and what better effort than wonky pictures and overexposure? Not that this is anything like that, but to simply exist in the notion of unconventional captures, that is the closet to how I can express that. 

I realise none of that makes sense, I hope you enjoy the photos. 


In God we trust,