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Hello my favourite and only readers, I have another write up published for Flux on the Antler Christmas Range. Check it out  ∩( ・ω・)∩

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So the word count was super tight for this, but when I started to write, I got into it from more of a creative consumerism point of view, discussing what Christmas means and how it's represented today. After editing it down to essentially a product guide which is perfect for the brief, I wanted to take the excerpt and explore the other ideas in its own context:


The Christmas in today’s world marked with experienced shoppers and the sparkle of annual festivity is ruled with certainties of our culture. We are in effect thrown into a cycle of consumer stimulation; in the ever-accelerating rhythms of the modern world, human nature continues to add to what we know; we love the new, we love improvement, but how should we take on this inbuilt framework of the minds? This yearly event represents joy, togetherness and warmth. And gift choosing simultaneously rewards the knowledge of love, success and happiness. 

The problem is not the lack of choices, but in how we chose quality and meaningful presents. 


Christmas marks the season of the new, new presents, new year, a renewed faith in whatever we may be looking forward to; yet it holds the echo of the memories made from the past year and all the familiarities of gathering together - under the Christmas tree, around the family table and over the television for that selected festive movie. 

From its very beginnings the act of gift giving is an act of represented faith, the renewings of all things that were hopeful. It's a beautiful gesture and a humble reminder of the day that Jesus was born - that's huge! It's mind-blowing to acknowledge this character ever stepping foot into the same world that I am in when I really think about it. One of the greatest stories ever told, so instead of putting presents in the context of the receiver this year, I have once again been reminded to put it in the reason behind the act.

I hope this Christmas, you come to understand gifts in your own way and renew or even discover new truths.



In God we trust,