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The three year madness of generally trolling through google, through endless e-mails, drinking coffee, running late to lectures, camping out in the library, forever spell checking our errors and giving up sleep for quality time with photoshop - has been summed with a rather calm, breezy, fun display of our FMP work over this curated space.


The venue . FMP research work . Showreel display . Visual, Written, Promotional pathway stands . Geist magazine issue 2 launch . East meets West book

Above: Left: My magazine "East meets West: vol 2" produced for my Major Specialism FMP work. My role was the creative director, while contributing in the individual shoots/stories from photography to styling. I will continue to make issue 3 as a now ongoing personal project. Involving all my greatest inspirations, this has been such a great project to realise my abilities and has pushed myself to produce and curate things in new ways that I never planned as a starting thought. It has been so inspiring for my creative habit, and I believe it will continue to be as I shoot over the summer. 

Right: A short film "Decode Preview" scheduled to release very soon!


Below: Portfolio and website display desk



As with all academic endings, the feeling is bittersweet; mutual ties between the physical places, the tutors, the coursemates and of course, our once attached, much distant memory of our projects... hmm

There are so much I have yet to go through in my archive,  just waiting to be re-edited and uploaded here under the editorial, special projects and personal tabs. I promise a constant update (hereafter this post standing as a reminder to do so)! And so much more fun posts to come as I get to travel a little over this summer! A lot of hot weather and food on the way...


In God we trust