Journal | UN/CUT

It hasn't - northern customs - stopped raining, so some work I wanted to do outside has been postponed… so this post had taken place instead… dipping my feet in these cold unaccustomed waters.

Since a conversation with a good friend of mine, I have continued to question ideals, concept, beauty, perception, normality… what is that? For hours we challenged our views. And then we decided that I will opt to work on some stuff to reflect those ideas. 

No heavy process, no editing of the skin, no touch up of the hair (I know it's painful), no distortion of the body, though of course there's a little colour correction etc. I just felt that I had to get over this myself before I start elsewhere. It's crazy that I never really see anyone or myself without filters and edit like that..

Friends, get in contact, I would love to shoot you. And for models, in a non modelling capacity :)

Happy Vday. My flowers to represent that lol

In God we trust,