LIFE | Pink on Pink!

Never been so sad about not bringing my cameras… here's phone quality for you:


(excuse the hipster edit, I try even though windows doesn't have vsco cam)

Joana Vasconcelos | Time Machine exhibition at the Manchester Art Gallery 


All we saw was pink. The beauty of big production, you can do what you want, just make sure you do in excess.

Vasconcelos is one of those artists who have freedom to do exactly what she feels. I recently came across an Alber Elbaz dialogue where he explains as a designer, you essentially create what you are; so mindful of retaining the reasons behind why he creates and careful of preserving it that his work has a real life to it, and a sense of joy to it. And I do notice that, Lanvin collections has a quirkiness to it, their campaigns are fun to see, but it's important to be reminded that that's not who they are, that's how they act. I admire creative minds who keep going, have their heads down and tell stories through the different seasons in their lives. 

Walking through the exhibition, a name and date, listing the materials were given, the concept and meaning behind each piece we non-existent. Alber went on to explain how he doesn't like the title, 'creative director'. If you're creative, you don't direct, creativity doesn't peak when you're concerned with organising; similarly, directing has no place for creativity in order to ensure its sufficiency. How then, are we often concerned with what the viewer receives from our work? Are we readily welcoming and secure in the fact that interpretation is part of the purpose of creating… I have come to terms that it's not about the presenting message as so much as the one in your mind when executing the concept of whatever the work, but about the content, which is directly translated from who you are - you create what you are - in turn your values will be a part of that work and surely be seen through the many interpretations it receives.

Aside from that thought, good work. Tea and cake to that ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ




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