Journal | Why negative space is good


So I'm quite excited about things, some and a lot of things that has been keeping me away

from social media and my lack of posting presence. I wanted to update a dear

friend who helped me along my journey of career, I feel that you reading my blog must

resemble some form of this relationship detailed below so I want to share with you guys too...


How are you? I hope you're doing very well!

Just want to share some good news with you and catch up! I can't believe that it's been 8 months since graduating... How are things going for you at UCA?

So I have moved back to Manchester after traveling a little during the summer and have not really come across any particular jobs. You know that I love to create visually, but I just couldn't pinpoint a job role from it… I'm sure I shared a little with you, but thinking back I think this is how I felt.. I thought about just applying for some jobs which my skill set could fit into, just to start with. Visual merchandising, online VM, fashion assistant, styling assistant etc. I applied for a dozen or so and most I never heard back from, so without a great desire to keep chasing them, I've been working part-time at the Mulberry store and with a change in direction -been treating this time as a gap year. Catching up with a few things I didn't do while studying. I have kept a notebook attached to my diary - inspired by you and our endless learning journals of course - for noting interesting things down, looking back on the pages, I've really been blessed during these months and have been enjoying it all. In the first page i titled it 'gap year pursuits' to make sure creatively that i keep going.

my list includes 

- shoot regularly

- challenge yourself on old/ forgotten habits: paint, dance, make and design

- learn to drive (i'm 22, i know...)

- learn mandarin

- find a NEW hobby

- freelance write and take photos - build portfolio

- blog everything, vlog, put yourself out there

- be more charitable 

- again, shoot to your hearts content 

Some I have achieved, some not yet. Thank you for helping me and guiding me through my work during uni so that I can now do these things with such freedom. Having spent all those hours on our projects and tirelessly interning, i'm glad I found some time to do some of the above.

I have recently a job offer!! It's a funny one, I didn't prepare for it or even apply, I really believe God designed these past few months to make way for this opportunity… It's with a company called 'Project Crossover' they're a fashion brand agency and consultancy service who work on bridging the gap between international markets and British based brands. 

They initially were looking for an intern to look after the visual side of things and social media, I wasn't going to go for it as I have since made a firm commitment to stop working for free - but as I was referred by a friend, I couldn't not go and thought an interview wouldn't hurt. Skipping the details, I basically have since been offered a full time paid job with the company as 'Marketing executive'.

And how crazy is it that my dissertation topic and FMP is exactly what this company is about! It has taken me quite a few days to process, as it seems like all of it came out of nowhere but it still blows my mind now… I honestly feel so inadequate for this role, coming from the experiences of an intern and sales assistant the last time I was in the industry, but the marketing director puts so much confidence and trust in me. Notably from looking at my work and talking about the upcoming projects (which I have vicky and craig to thank for directing/ forcing us to get squarespace haha it's been such a good tool for me in so many ways) 

Anyway currently flexible hours I started just this Friday past, a business trip down to london to discuss plans and meet a few of the brands about the new project that I will first work on. Setting up a number of the brands we work with in a new department store in China, it's going to be a concept multi-brand store - a lot to do and so exciting!! From store design to selecting products I am so looking forward and will be challenged, stretched and pushed. I even am doing an interior course out of personal interest, and though I may not finish it completely in time before I get too busy working, it's so humbling to see how everything fits together. A lot of traveling back and fourth during the summer where I will leave Mulberry and work full-time for Project Crossover. 

So that's my update, thank you for inspiring me and encouraging me when I had no idea what I was doing, excited to apply all the research methods you taught me in my new job.

Look forward to hearing from you. 

Best wishes, 



Samia J.W. Ngeow

BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion (1st Class Honours)

Visual Communication | Written Communication | PR & Marketing



I'm no one without Jesus in my life, there's really nothing that I can offer by my own strength, if there has been anything I've achieved, it's by his grace. I've taken so many twist and turns, and am excited for the next few years. I believe a lot of things would be the same if I wasn't a Christian but how I handle it all will be a whole lot different. I've learnt so much about myself, challenged my perspective on faith, how I live in it, learned more about who my family and friends are today as I spend time with them. Realised somethings that I really love and things I can live without. It's been emotional and mentally tiring but refreshing. Talk soon.

In God we trust,