Bon temps


Sorry that I've neglected you. A little - a lot has happened since my last post. Take a look here for a brief run down: Pre-new year I spent settling back in Manchester and England, splitting my time between family and friends and cracking away looking for a job while revisiting a few hobbies that has been intimidating me. Combine those with my inability to face my floods of thoughts and feelings that I've been afraid to open the trap door on. It means collating a years worth of trying new things and jumping into new experiences and I have no idea where to start.  I've enjoyed the comfort of coming home to know that some things will always remain the same, to have a place to unwind, collect thoughts and think about the next steps. So without further a due, let's catch up. 

I loved living in Gulu, I would choose to stay in Uganda but besides from my internship ending over there, moving on feels right. The lifestyle was baffling, unexplainably irregular and chill all at the same time, but if I could sum it up in one word, it was ridiculous. Everyday was an adventure. I feel like I've shared those good moments with you on social media, and I'm left yet with the hard stories I don't quite know how to tell. I don't quite know how my mind has gotten so weary and burdened, but I know that I experience the world through people and regardless of what I've learned and faced in my time in Uganda, the people I've met there are incredible. They really humbled me and reminded me that Africa was indeed, real life at times. I've taken away lessons on building determination, grit and strength in my character. Integrity and loyalty, things that I am reminded to commit to because I see it through example and forget how unlike that I am at times. Work, KK and getting to know other organisations really inspired me.

I have given up fast fashion. This was such a gradual decision entirely owed to my addiction to newness, to shopping - I've always made a stance not to buy from certain brands who for a fact trades unethically, but I had to take more steps than that. I sold most of my good clothes to help fundraise for my voluntary trip to Uganda. Last week I cleared out my wardrobe to be left with an honest capsule of everyday clothes (basically black if you know me) plus a few occasion pieces. Coming to terms that I don't need fast fashion is hard. My choice hasn't simply been because it is the right thing to do, but because I study this and have seen, even been a part of the cycle that feeds/ excels from unfair trading - I've given up fast fashion because it counts. If you don't really get where I'm coming from check out the film, The True Cost it documents in detail the effects of the industry and the realities that brands won't show. 

I'm working as a receptionist in Manchester at the moment (but if anyone needs a bartender, I'd gladly take on a few more hours in the evening) so I'm happy to be here and earn again. Working as an intern for Aaks and a contributor for Project Crossover also. I'm meanwhile looking to work permanently in fashion for good and social enterprise. That's my long term plan. Working for KKU has changed me and I have new dreams of working on the ground, be a part of an industry that truly has the means to get a message out there and impact lives. Not sure how to progress these thoughts until I get there, so I guess we'll talk soon. Again.