Photography:   Roland Wong | Hill Chan | Samia Ngeow | Samuel Ngeow 




EAST MEETS WEST is a publication which explores the eastern western relation through exploring different concepts in the medium of fashion and dress.

This issue is “Society and Order”, it explores the content of society through order, where through religion, politics and social calls, characters are built. East meets West’s second issue is about the fabric of society. Society is generally understood through the service, interaction and activity within the particular region. 

Human activity. 

To the concern of the individuals, dress and behavior amass the very essence of character to the place. Identities can be made within these premises, and furthermore these premises denote the stylistic entities - known to us as trends - which amount to such identities. Society in all is a human phenomenon; society only exists within the bracket of character given by its inhabitants. 

This issue of East meets West is therefore about mankind within these created circumstances.


On the notion of the opposing British and Chinese regions, this publication has become somewhat of a biography, in sharing a part of East and West in my upbringing a sense of spatial displacency has become of this issue – where each page has taken after a concoction of thoughts and inspirations in vivid matters of memory and experience. Questions here are raised, where do people’s moral compass point? To what are priorities placed in day-to-day life? And what else could dictate trends that we all slave to to some degree…


This book, East Meets West explores the biodiversity of the world and celebrates it influence in fashion and art.